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 Speaking of Martial Arts’ Manga (まんが), this was one of the Japanese classics. I knew there was an original Manga of this piece, but I was a big fan of its TV show – Judo Icchokusen. The DVD is available, too.

 Judo Icchokusen

 In this TV version, the main role was played by Sakuragi Kennichi (桜木健一). He got a big breakthrough as an actor by this show. After this show ended, other TV shows were created, some of which became very popular though they were not related to Martial Arts. Other Martial Arts, though they were popular enouch when they were Manga, didn’t make it to be successful as TV shows. Judo Icchokusen (柔道一直線) was that big hit in TV history.



 In those days (70’s), no great computer graphics were not used, of course. But all the audience (kids) believed Naoya (なおや-Main Character played by Sakuragi) really threw the big skilled man in the high air!!

 Good Old Days!!