Ganbare!! Robocon



<Characters Created by Ishi(no)mori Shotaro, Father of “Kamen Rider”>


(TV Version)


(With His Idol – Robin)

 Robocon is a Grade-G robot (Grade-A, B, C, ………G!?). He cannot live without making mistakes – really serious mistakes. Every single day he is messed up! Still, he is loved by everybody because he has got a good heart. This is a big discrepancy in people’s mind – “Robots are cold (because they are machine!) while humans are warm (because blood is circulating in their bodies!).” There are, however, not all humans are warmhearted in reality, as you may know it very well. And here – there were warmhearted robots! That created a niche in the market and unprecedented popularity for this manga in Japan.


 The red-bodied Robocon was so unthinkably clumsy on TV screen that my grandfather, who was born in 1906 (Meiji Era:, hated Robocon.  He just could not put up with this G-class labeled robot’s clumsiness. On the other hand, I liked him so much that I kept watching the show every week. Probably conflict due to the generation gap might have occurred in almost every house hold in those days (1974 – 1977), but their audience rate was so high that the show lasted nearly 3 years (118 episodes in total). This was phenomenal for such a low budget show!


<Original Manga by Ishi(no)mori Shotaro:>


(Robocon, an Adorable Robot – Listen to OP song!:

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