Nintoku Tenno/Emperor Nintoku



(Emperor Nintoku)

 NOT all emperors of Japan are bright and wise. Accordingly not all emperors of Japan were loved by Japanese nation. However, this particular emperor of Japan named Nintoku Tenno or Emperor Nintoku has been loved by 99.99% of the Japanese and this will be certainly true as long as the country of Japan exists in this world. His burial mound located in Osaka is the biggest one in Japan.


(Entire View of His Burial Mound)


(It is located in the middle of the city, which is well kept.)


(Entrance of the Mound)

 There is one historical episode about Emperor Nintoku, which makes every one of the Japanese worship him. It is such a popular episode that all textbooks of Japanese History carry it. Let me tell you the famous episode:

 “One day, Nintoku Tenno looked at people’s houses from his palace, when he noticed smoke not coming out through their chimneys. That means people had hard time putting food on the table. So, he decided not to collect tax from his people until he made sure they started to prepare for their meals again. There are pictures of some sort to depict this episode.


(All decent Japanese students remember this episode for the rest of their lives!)

 All the Japanese remember him as a very merciful emperor of Japan because of this episode. His mercifulness has made Emperor Nintoku one of the Japanese heroes in history of Japan.


Omedeto Gozaimasu.

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