“Doka” means “big” while “ben” means “lunch box.” So, “Dokaben” means “A Big Lunchbox.” Yamada Taro, who is the main character in this manga, eats that much – “Dokaben.” He, however, plays baseball as a genius. When he was a middle school student, Taro played Judo. But he decided to switch to baseball. Written by Mizushima Shinji, Dokaben is a well balanced sports manga, which was started in “Weekly Shonen (Boys) Champion.” This series of “Dokaben (” was a huge hit and published from 1972 to 1981.

 On the other hand, its TV series started in 1976 and lasted until 1979 (163 episodes)!? What made this manga so funny and interesting was other three main characters named Satonaka, Iwaki, and Tonoma. Tonoma is, along with Yamada Taro, a baseball genius as well as a music genius! Watch this episode.


(Episode #19:

 When “Dokaben” was aired on TV, I was hooked by several TV programs, including “Dokaben.” There was only one TV in the house and someone had to sacrifice his preference. In our household, I had control over channels, which my grandfather hated. He criticized all the programs I watched. But he loved “Dokaben,” especially Tonoma. He is so unique and hilarious!! This was the only TV program both my grandfather and I agreed to watch “HAPPILY” together in those days!


(Shonen Champion)

 To me it is only one or two manga dramas in this world that I wish keep watching over, over, and over. I really miss “Dokaben!” I would call”Dokaben” the best baseball manga in Japan!

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