Conjugation of Adjectives

<-i Adjectives vs -na Adjectives> 


(Sofia Loren at 72 years old)

 You know the name of Sofia Loren (, an Italian actress, don’t you? Look at the picture above! She was 72 at that time of shooting for the famous calendar called Pilleli.

 Sofia Loren-wa Utsukushii desu. (= Sofia Loren IS beautiful.) <present tense>


(Sofia in her 30’s)

 Sofia started her career in her teen’s. As Wikipedia (source: describes, “Sophia Loren is one of the most popular style icons of the 1960’s.” Her beauty, no doubt, culminated in her 30’s as you see it in the picture above.

Sofia Loren-wa Utsukushikatta (desu). (= Sofia Loren WAS beautiful.) <past tense>

 On the other hand, every one of you know this person – Susan Boyle.


(Recently on TV)

 No comment. Let’s go straight forward. Negative form of “Utsukushii.”

Susan Boyle-wa Utsukushikunai (desu). (= Susan Boyle IS NOT beautiful.) <present tense>

 You remember when she showed up in show business for the first time at “Britain’s Got Talent,” don’t you?


 (The Moment Miracle Happened)

Susan Boyle-wa Utsukushikunakatta (desu). (= Susan Boyle WAS NOT beautiful.) <past tense>

 This is how -i adjectives conjugate. Alright? Let’s move on to -na adjectives.

 (Oprah Winfrey’s Mansion)

Oprah-no Manshion-wa Goka da/Goka desu. (= Oprah’s Mansion IS gorgeous.) <present tense>

 She was not a celebrity from the beginning. There was the time when she lived in an okay house. When a friend of yours visited the house Oprah used to live as young, she told you about the house.

Oprah-no Ie-wa Goka dewa/ja nakatta desu. (= The house Oprah used to live when young WAS NOT gorgeous.)  <past tense>

 Of course, she must have said that on the spot like this.

Oprah-no Ie-wa Goka dewa/ja naidesu/arimasen. (= Oprah’s house IS NOT gorgeous.) <present tense>

 Actually, there are a few celebrities who choose to live in trailers or shacks.


(Some Usable Trailer House)


(A Shack in Wilderness)

 In reality, theirs would not be this bad, however, not all celebrities live in gorgeous mansions all the time.

Kare-wa Yumeijin nanoni Gokana Mansion-ni-wa Sundeimasen.

(= He doesn’t live in a gorgeous mansion though he is a celebrity.) <present tense>

Kaiseki Ryori-wa Gokadatta (deshita). (= Kaiseki Ryori WAS gorgeous.) <past tense>

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(Kaiseki Ryori: Read My Thursday’s Blog@

 This is how -na adjectives conjugate. Understood? Then, practice both “-i adjectives” and “-na adjectives” in turns. Practice makes perfect! When you are stuck, don’t hesitate to ask me for help!

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