Watashi-wa Isha-ni Naritai desu.

(= I want to be a doctor.)


(Surgeon on Duty)

 [There are special terms to tell you what kind of doctors – specialty – he is, but all kinds of doctors are under the category of “Isha” in Japanese. When people call him, they tend to say, “Tanaka Sensei” or “Suzuki Sensei” though “Sensei” literally means “teachers.”]

 Let’s learn “OOO-tai” (= hope) pattern in Japanese today.

  1. Watashi-wa Isha-ni Naritai desu. (= I want to be a doctor.)  <“Naru (=become) + tai (=want to)” pattern>
  2. Watashi-wa Kyoto-ni Ikitai desu. (= I want to go to Kyoto.) <“Iku (= go) + tai” pattern> 
  3. Watashi-wa Soda-ga Nomitai desu. (= I want to drink Soda of some sort.) <“Nomu (= drink) + tai” pattern>
  4. Watashitachi- wa Koko-ni Tomaritai desu. (= We want to stay here.) <“Tomaru (= stay) + tai” pattern>
  5. Watashitachi-wa Netai desu. (= We want to go to bed.) <“Neru (= go to sleep) + tai” pattern>

 On the other hand,

  1. Musuko-wa Isha-ni Naritagatte imasu. (= My son wants to be a doctor.) <“Naru + tagaru” pattern>
  2. Kinoshita-san-no Musume-san-wa Oyomeni Ikitagatte imasu. (Mr. Kinoshita’s daughter wants to marry.) <Oyome-ni Iku (= marry) + tagaru pattern>
  3. Tashiro-san-wa Sankashitagatte imashita. (= Mr. Tashiro wanted to participate in XXX.) <“Sankasuru (= participate) + tagaru + imashita (past tense) pattern>
  4. Chichi-wa Onsen-ni Ikitagatte imasu. (= My Dad wants to go to some hot springs.) <“Iku (=go) + tagaru” pattern>
  5. Ano Akachan-wa Oppai-wo Nomitagatte imasu. (= The baby (crying) over there wants to be breast-fed.) <“Oppai-wo Nomu (= be breast-fed) + tagaru” pattern>


(Crying Baby)

 According to the examples above, what did you learn? The difference between 1st person/people and 3rd person/people? You are correct! Now let me show you two rules regarding “want(s) (to do)” pattern.

  1. “XXX-tai” pattern is used for 1st person/people and 2nd person/people.
  2. “OOO-tagaru” pattern is used for 3rd person/people.

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