Kazunoko (Herrings’ Eggs)


(Kazunoko in Osechi Ryori/Special New Year Celebration Menu)

 Kazunoko is herrings’ eggs. That is it. However, there was someone in Japanese history that named this simple “eggs” Kazunoko and that made people feel Kazunoko is SPECIAL!!


(This is how Kazunoko is sold)


(Typical Preparation)

 Kazunoko has a special taste and texture when you bite in your mouth. But that someone made it special dish for New Year (celebration). As a result, Osechi Ryori (Traditional Japanese New Year Celebration Meal) ALWAYS includes Kazunoko.

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(Gorgeous Expamples of Osechi Ryori)

 Traditionally, housewives used to prepare Osechi Ryori on New Year’s Eve. The rest of the family look forward to having it on the first day of the year. Osechi Ryori is to Japanese New Year Celebration what Special Turkey Dinner with gravy and cranberry sauce is to American Thanksgiving, however. Since the burden on housewives was too much that more and more people started to “order” online or from restaurants of their choices in their neighborhood nowadays. Look at this picture!

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(Osechi “Drive Through”???)

 Japanese young housewives have been getting lazier and lazier these days. Or simply they are spoiled? Not only do they order Osechi Ryori from someone else but also they spend all New Year Break (from the year end to January 7th) at some hotels of big names. Those hotels charge “Holiday Rate (New Year Rate),” which is $$$$$$$$$$. Still skipping those traditional special chores by staying in the hotel is a big relief to young Japanese wives. Accordingly, young Japanese wives know nothing about how to cook and prepare Osechi Ryori every year. This is very sad. One of the most important cultural aspects of Japan has been lost this way. In a couple of decades, there will be no Japanese housewives who cook Osechi Ryori on New Year’s Eve.

 By the way, Kazunoko is prepared in many other ways for daily cooking while it is INDISPENSABLE in Osechi Ryori.


(With Seaweed)



 Once again, Kazunoko is so expensive and so hard to get in US, which makes me desperately miss some from time to time. Don’t trust Kazunoko Sushi at Kaiten Sushi (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conveyor_belt_sushi) because they are fake. “Affordable Kazunoko” does NOT exist even in Japan! 

Someday in the future,

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Just to enjoy Japanese Kazunoko!

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