Kin Medaru-eno Taan (= Turn for the Gold Medal)


 (Original Comic Version)


(TV Version)

 Most Japanese remember “Kin Medaru-eno Taan (Turn for the Gold Medal)” as a TV drama rather than as its original comics because this show was one of the first TV shows which used the special effects without computer graphics!

 The time was early 70’s (1970 – 1971). There was absolutely NO COMPUTER GRAPHICS OR COMPUTER EDITING, but most episodes dealt with the unprecedented swimming skills/techniques which were all played by a thin young lady without any muscle (unlike the Olympic swimmers of all time)!?


(Where do you see muscle in her?)

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(Have you seen any Olympic medalists without muscle like this?)



(Photo by Mike Comer/ProSwim Visuals)

(Photo by Mike Comer/ProSwim Visuals)

 Besides this huge discrepancy between how the actors and real swimmers look, the very actor (heroine) jumps up above the pool where she is in a competition and passes all other competitors to win the race like this:


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(Is she a “Super Girl”? Needs a cape?)

 This ultimate imaginary turn was called “Tobiuo Turn (A Flying Fish Turn),” which set all the Japanese agape. Audience stared into the show as if they had been possessed. The 30-minutes show put all the Japanese in trance! In those days, no Japanese would have ever thought our fellow Japanese swimmers would win the Olympic Gold in swimming. Not a chance unfortunately. This made the Japanese kids so fanatic about this show. Unrealistic turns, including “Tobiuo Turn (A Flying Fish Turn),” which I am sure makes contemporary swimmers laugh a big laugh, arose the national imagination of some Japanese swimmer winning the Gold Medal in the Olympics in 70’s.

 Due to a big hit of this show, its opening song sold millions:


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 Also, the actress who played the heroine became a big name and got several major roles in other TV shows of this kind.

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(Umeda Tomoko, right)


(Portrait in Book of Celebrity in Japan) 

 Well, those were the good old days in Japan. Regardless of unrealistic flaws in its original concept, “Kin Medaru-eno Taan” acquired the irrefutable reputation by showing the Japanese nation that nothing is impossible!

Yes, nothing is impossible!

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