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(International Marriage)

 Question #1: Is it alright for the Japanese to have a relationship with non-Japanese?

 Yoko’s Answer: That is NOT the issue of “alright or not.” Nobody, even parents, cannot prohibit their children from having relationships with non-Japanese. However, I will answer your question from traditional Japanese viewpoint. The Japanese people don’t want to have (or prefer not to have) non-Japanese in-laws. Among the Japanese, non-Japanese are called “GAIJIN” and are not supposed to be their family members. Still, they have been trained to be more open about their children’s spouses since there are a lot of opportunities for their children to meet “GAIJIN” inside or outside of Japan. If their children chose “GAIJIN” for their boyfriends/girlfriends or even spouses, they usually respect their decisions. At the bottom of their heart, however, they wish that had not happened to them, though, to tell you the truth.
   If you are asking me about “affairs outside a marriage,” that is a different story. No, that is NEVER alright. Simply it is not ethical.


 (Tokyo University a.k.a. TODAI)

 Question #2:  Are Japan universities expensive to study?

 Yoko’s Answer: Generally speaking, no. Even private schools don’t cost you as much as American colleges (even public schools). Medical Schools cost you as much as private high schools and middle schools in US. Education doesn’t cost as much as that in US.


 (What is trust?)

 Question #3: How can we gain the trust of our Japanese friends?

 Yoko’s Answer:  To gain trust from anybody from anywhere in this world, you must be trustable. The Japanese would appreciate it more from their friends, whether they are Japanese or not. The Japanese society is built by trust. They hate liars. You should start there at first – be truthful to your friends – if you want to gain trust from your Japanese friends.


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