Neko Meshi (Katsuobushi Gohan)

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(Ready for Neko Meshi)

 Today I will go so simple. Still this tastes super duper good! Try it sometime if you are a fan of Japanese food!

 Well, “Neko” means cats while “Meshi” means boiled rice. “Meshi” is NOT appropriate for women to say, but this is NOT “Meshi” but “Neko Meshi.” That’ll be ok, then. Why is it called “Neko Meshi” and what is it like?????

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 (Bonito Flakes called Katsuobushi over Rice – Birth of “Neko Meshi”)

 Why “Neko (Cats)?” Because it is flakes of bonitos!! Bonitos are fish, right? That’s cats’ favorite!

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(Waiting for fish!?)

 How do you make Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes)? OK. Let me explain…

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 First, you go to sea to fish bonitos! Go! Of course, I’m joking! Don’t go to sea, but go to the store! In Japan, any grocery stores carry Katsuobushi. Positive!! But traditional way to make Katsuobushi is…

 Get bonitos, and smoke them like smoked salmon or smoked ham! Then, you get this!


(Prototype of Katsuobushi)

 Shave it with this kind of device (You use your hands, ok?)…


 Then, you will get this final products…


(Like coffee beans, you can adjust how fine you want Katsuobushi to have shaven)

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(Share some with your baby!)

 To fully enjoy this simple but gorgeous menu, you have to boil rice – only fresh rice works! Believe me! You put some soy sauce called Shoyu on Katsuobushi over rice. Don’t forget about a cup of greeen tea!


(Only Green Tea works!)

 Enjoy! You will feel as if you were in the Heaven. Once again, “Neko Meshi” is simple, but is a brilliant idea when you are busy!!