Baiten (=Newstand)


(Baiten at Kokura Station in Japan)

 You will see a lot of Baiten (=Newstand) all over in Japan. The most popular locations are at major train stations because passengers will grab things (mostly food) before getting onto their trains.

 Baiten sells almost same things as convenient stores like Seven Eleven do. One difference is you can get some local souvenirs at the ones in train stations.

 On the other hand, you will see Baiten at hospitals, too. They sell toiletry and other necessities on a daily basis for the in-patients’ families to attend them.

 You will miss English newspaper during the visit to Japan sooner or later, won’t you? Unless you are a master of Japanese lanugage and can read regular newspaper written in Japanese with no problems, you want to get one from time to time. Yes, Baiten carry all kinds of paper, morning paper or evening paper. Magazines? Yes!

 Baiten is very come in handy when you go visit Japan. They even sell stamps and almost always post offices or postal drops are near the stations conveniently! Even if you don’t take trains, you can buy those things at Baiten!


 (Baiten carries local favorites like special lunch box)